I always had the desire and the passion, The desire to succeed in life, The desire to succeed in my life.
The adventure My Little Bazar started in 2010 (even though it was preparing behind the scenes since 2008).
She fed me up from discovery to discovery in mind the fascinating spirit to run her own business.
At the top always the need to do better, grow, bring new ideas and continually improve.
We have break through with my brother Jean-Daniel a target that we could not have imagined.
We tried to give everything, we completely invested but today desire has moved slightly, sneaked.
Day after day Is born the desire to photograph, to write what I like, to vary the pleasures, not to remain in a particular field and to be free to mix everything.
Is not inspiration a sweet mixture of the personality of each one of us?
Then nothing is established in life, i have the right to change, i have the right to want to remain true, wishing to remain inspired by what i do.
That is why My Little Bazar falls asleep in order to "transform" itself, we will see what the future holds for us and what I would have to offer.
In the meantime dear friend (s) dear customers we do not separate and we never left.

See you soon…


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